1. Headshots for the Modern Hair Stylist

    16 Oct 2018
    I have a handful of creative friends that just explode with talent and Madi Zimbone is one of them. This woman can do it all – sing, paint, surf, run her own business and now, beautify! As she makes her transition in the beauty industry, we exchanged a hair cut…

  2. Engagement Photos on Sachuest Point

    14 Oct 2018
    There has been a bunch of kissy, kissy going down at Sachuest Point in Middletown, Rhode Island this month. The air is still warm, the colors are vibrant and of course, you can’t beat the sunset. One of my oldest friends asked me to shoot her engagement photos (and some…

  3. One Hundred Dollar Headshot

    11 Sep 2018
    Ever since I started my “Hundred Dollar Headshot” campaign, I have been getting hit up hard! I absolutely love shooting headshots for a handful of reason; spending time with new people, the challenge of using natural light, the pop of color, find ways to make them stand out, and getting…

  4. Can You Wear White After Labor Day?

    03 Sep 2018
    No one follows this age-old rule anymore—thank god. But if you find yourself stuck in the mindset of the late 19th century—then here is your solution—rock that color wardrobe! This Labor Day Weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Marissa Severino. We made jokes that she looked like a Tellituby…

  5. Company Headshots for Behan Bros.

    29 Aug 2018
    If you live in Rhode Island, Behan Bros. has become a household name. I have photographed some project for them, most recently, The Welcome Center at The Breakers. Many of the ‘bros’ are personal friends, local rugby players and talented craftsman. They invited me to take their team headshots (yes…

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