1. Holebrook Sweaters at Island Outfitters

    20 Jan 2019
    It was 27° in Newport, Rhode Island but I didn’t hear much complaining from the models because they were wearing WINDPROOF sweaters. How am I just hearing about this? Island Outfitters in downtown Newport offers an entire collection of Holebrook sweaters & a cute store filled with other amazing brands…

  2. Realtor Headshots with Devin Sheehan

    16 Jan 2019
    Devin Sheehan is a Rhode Island based real estate agent that takes his marketing strategies seriously! You can find him on almost every platform, including Facebook & Instagram. I was granted the opportunity to shoot with Devin last week to capture some new content for his 2019 social media strategies…

  3. Capturing Confidence with Annie

    05 Jan 2019
    Self doubt is crippling and I know from experience. I still struggle with low confidence or just an abundance of cloudy moods. It happens. It’s life. It’s real and we all deal with it in different ways. In past blog posts, I have always explained my leading “WHY” factor on…

  4. It’s a Neon Holiday

    05 Dec 2018
    I have always and will forever be obsessed with vibrant colors. A few years ago, I photographed my friend Nora with neon lighting and was immedialy attracted to the effect. So when it was time to shoot my annual collaboration with Kelsey Morgan, it was an obvious direction for me.…

  5. Small Seaside Wedding at The Landing

    20 Nov 2018
    I have known Derek for over a decade! Wow. His sister is one of my best friends, just over 15 years in the making. Derek and his beautiful bride Savanna hosted their quaint wedding at The Landing in Newport RI. It was a chilly November evening, but hearts were warm…

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