1. Website Headshots with Executive Chef Backman

    Date 15 Nov 2018
    The Mooring has always been one of my favorite restaurants in Newport and when I was asked to photograph their Executive Chef Jennifer Backman, I almost spit my coffee all over my computer. If it wasn’t 9:00 am in the morning, I would of stayed for their Bag of Donuts…

  2. Personal Branding Photoshoot with Wild Spirit Sara Emhof

    Date 03 Nov 2018
    Sara Enhof reached out to Visual Manor in hopes of bringing her website to the next level. She understood the importance of personal branding photography and wanted to give potential customers a honest first impression of her business. Sara is a woman of many talents, with a focus in life coaching and dance therapy…

  3. Jennifer Sunderland is Making Things Happen

    Date 29 Oct 2018
    I recently had the pleasure of capturing Jennifer Sunderland inside the Edward King House in Newport, RI. Jennifer has spent about 12-ish years producing artist & maker events, with a goal to always provide shows where artists and makers will thrive.  She is looking to launch a business that will focus on organizing & planning community based events, like…

  4. Realtor Headshots with Joe Fitzpatrick

    Date 27 Oct 2018
    Joe Fitzpatrick is a likable guy and an outstanding realtor. His team recently helped my boyfriend find a house on Aquidneck Island (and I am obviously going to be posting tons of photos of that experience), but in the meantime I wanted to share my headshot session of the man himself. We…

  5. Sweet Berry Morning with Lauren Mailloux

    Date 19 Oct 2018
    I have known Lauren Mailloux for a few years now and she has always been a super fun bombshell with a big personality, adventurous and is also an amazing realtor. We have done a few shoots together, creating content for her social profiles, both personal and business.  I absolutely love doing these ‘lifestyle sessions’…

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