1. Natural Creations Content Creation

    24 Oct 2016
    There is something very rewarding shooting photography for a hair salon, especially one like Natural Creations which has such strong artistic presence. Here are a select few of my favorites from the shoots. 

  2. 3 Ways To Handle Drama Like A Boss

    19 Oct 2016
    I have been taking some mental health advice from Kyla Rose Maher of Long Time Sun and her latest advice is right up my alley! 3 WAYS TO HANDLE DRAMA LIKE A BOSS 1. Breathe:  I know this sounds simple, but you have no idea how many people don’t know…

  3. Creative Head Shots with Kate Manning

    23 Sep 2016
    Head shots can be a difficult job because of multiple factors. To name a few obstacles; they are very personal, lighting and insecurities.  I had the pleasure of shooting accountant/book keeper Kate Manning, who has to be one of my most stylish clients. She came prepared with her own clothing…

  4. Beach Night with Laura Alfonso

    12 Aug 2016
    I went on a photo adventure with friend/model Laura Alfonso in Newport, Rhode Island. I really enjoy shooting just for fun because there is no stress, expectation or deadline. (I usually get the photos edited and posted the day after, lol.) I focused on trying not to focus. Shooting freely…


    03 Feb 2016
    There is something about the Gap in Newport, Rhode Island that I really enjoy. I don’t know if it’s the continuous sales or it’s because it feels like a local shop. Everyone is super friendly. I had the pleasure of meeting the operations manager, Leah Rogers, who helped me curate…

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