1. 3 Ways To Handle Drama Like A Boss

    19 Oct 2016
    I have been taking some mental health advice from Kyla Rose Maher of Long Time Sun and her latest advice is right up my alley! 3 WAYS TO HANDLE DRAMA LIKE A BOSS 1. Breathe:  I know this sounds simple, but you have no idea how many people don’t know…

  2. Creative Head Shots with Kate Manning

    23 Sep 2016
    Head shots can be a difficult job because of multiple factors. To name a few obstacles; they are very personal, lighting and insecurities.  I had the pleasure of shooting accountant/book keeper Kate Manning, who has to be one of my most stylish clients. She came prepared with her own clothing…

  3. Beach Night with Laura Alfonso

    12 Aug 2016
    I went on a photo adventure with friend/model Laura Alfonso in Newport, Rhode Island. I really enjoy shooting just for fun because there is no stress, expectation or deadline. (I usually get the photos edited and posted the day after, lol.) I focused on trying not to focus. Shooting freely…


    03 Feb 2016
    There is something about the Gap in Newport, Rhode Island that I really enjoy. I don’t know if it’s the continuous sales or it’s because it feels like a local shop. Everyone is super friendly. I had the pleasure of meeting the operations manager, Leah Rogers, who helped me curate…


    15 Dec 2015
    The Newport, Rhode Island yoga community has grown drastically in the past few years — giving way to a handful of practice studios in the downtown area. Newport Real Estate entrepreneur Libby Kirwin, an active yogi, found inspiration at one of LKRE’s properties on Green End Ave.   The Middletown (boarding…

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