1. Beauty Product Photography with Farmaesthetics

    24 Jan 2017
    I spent the day with Farmaesthetics to shoot images for I absolutely love their products!

  2. Snowy Brand Building with Lauren Mailloux

    13 Jan 2017
    When the snow falls in Rhode Island, I always use it as an opportunity take some photos. Ever since I took position as the marketing director for Libby Kirwin Real Estate, I take pride in producing original content for our website and social media.  I asked real estate agent, Lauren…

  3. Olivia, Caroline and Brooke | Water Brothers & Free People

    07 Dec 2016
    A few months back, I was asked to photographed creative content for the Water Brothers Surf Pro. One of my favorite brands, Free People, hosted a promotional tent during the popular contest and in order to cross promote the two brands, we gathered some badass babes to help make some amazing images for social media…

  4. Natural Creations Content Creation

    24 Oct 2016
    There is something very rewarding shooting photography for a hair salon, especially one like Natural Creations which has such strong artistic presence. Here are a select few of my favorites from the shoots. 

  5. 3 Ways To Handle Drama Like A Boss

    19 Oct 2016
    I have been taking some mental health advice from Kyla Rose Maher of Long Time Sun and her latest advice is right up my alley! 3 WAYS TO HANDLE DRAMA LIKE A BOSS 1. Breathe:  I know this sounds simple, but you have no idea how many people don’t know how…

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