Owners of 2Hands Studio Melissa & Jeff Moniz

If you have ever been inside the Stoneacre Brasserie, you would immediately notice it’s distinct sense of style. You can thank Melissa & Jeff Moniz for that, owners of 2Hands Studio (I also designed their logo). 2Hands is a design collaborative offering solutions for residential design and commercial interiors within Southern New England.

Here is a headshot session we did a few months ago. You can check them out in action on their website. 

Citrus & Cedar’s Caitlin Hill at The Elms

I really despise rescheduling but the month of March was totally against us. From what I remember, I had to reschedule my photo-shoot with Caitlin Hill twice, due to bad weather. Fortunately, like ‘they’ say…the third time’s a charm. 

Caitlin Hill runs her own consulting company called Citrus and Cedars, and the sun peaked for a few hours over The Elms for a warm bright photo-shoot. I wanted to capture the quintessential Newport vibe, while snapping images for Caitlin’s website and social media accounts.  

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