Album Release Photoshoot for Zenith Volt

When Zenith Volt asked me to shoot some images for his album release, it was a no brainer. I was even given the opportunity to listen to the album before it was released. The track ‘Universe’ is my favorite and you clean listen to it here. 

Zenith Volt/ zēneTH vōlt: 1.Galaxy driven woke melodies for your thoughts and drive 2. Ethereal calibration against gravity burdened life. 

I was really excited that he was most interested in my use of neon colors. This really is my favorite.

Capturing Confidence with Annie

Self doubt is crippling and I know from experience. I still struggle with low confidence or just an abundance of cloudy moods. It happens. It’s life. It’s real and we all deal with it in different ways. In past blog posts, I have always explained my leading “WHY” factor on why photography is so important to me. What I really enjoy about the craft is helping people with their self confidence. I resonate with people looking to better themselves and I am here to help capture their authenticity & uniqueness in the brightest light. A new friend of mine reached out to me sharing her New Year’s resolution of self love & body positivity. “I want to feel more confident” says Annie and after those simple words it was an automatic connection. We spent the morning shooting in a rustic field behind the Newport Vineyard, reminiscing on childhood memories and the power of small influences. We captured some amazing photos. Annie was such badass. I just wanted to send a reminder to everyone reading. If you are looking for a similar boost of confidence and need to see yourself in a new light, contact me directly and we can discuss. These photoshoots can end up being the small therapeutic experience you are looking for. 

It’s a Neon Holiday

I have always and will forever be obsessed with vibrant colors. A few years ago, I photographed my friend Nora with neon lighting and was immedialy attracted to the effect. So when it was time to shoot my annual collaboration with Kelsey Morgan, it was an obvious direction for me. More lights, more color! Kelsey Morgan & Alexandra Walsh took the 60’s approach with the hair & make-up. Lastly, Bohemian Bias always provides the best wardrobe & accessories. 

If you are interested in a photoshoot like this for yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

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