Testing Light In The New VM Studio

If you follow me on social media, you are likely annoyed by my continuos “new studio” announcement. I understand it’s a luxury, but I worked really hard. This year, the Visual Manor Studio in Newport, RI will be the hub for creative head-shots, product photography, catalog work, and much much more. Please contact me directly to inquire about working together! 

Recently, I photographed Brooke Ferris (the first in the new spot), practicing my technique in natural light which I know nothing about. I am self taught, so it’s all just a learning process. I let Brooke style herself and my friend Lazuli Handcrafted stopped by to accessorize. 

Here are my favorite shots.

Fashion Photo-shoot with Bohemian Bias

I had the pleasure of shooting a series of photos for my friend Alexis Rose, who will be opening her own store this May off Bellevue Avenue (Newport, RI) called, Bohemian Bias! Check our her first ever blog post with a handful of images as we begin setting up her shop!

“Bohemian Bias is a women’s wear boutique located in Newport, RI that is expected to open in May 2017. Inspired by music, art and the laid back vibes of the West Coast, we’re all about the empowerment of females and expressing yourself through the art of fashion. ” - Alexis Rose

“The Bohemian Bias babe is a dreamer and a doer inspired by nature, travel, unconventional fashion and all things vintage. She’s a little glam, a little rock n’ roll, and a whole lotta peace and love.”  - Alexis Rose 

“We were lucky enough to have Marial Maher of Visual Manor come and shoot some photos in the store during the beginning phases of the build out! The objective of this shoot was to capture lifestyle photos and to create the vibe of Bohemian Bias through imagery. We had a fun night hanging with our gal pals, shooting and styling with all of our own clothes. The ever so beautiful and talented Brooke Ferris is the model pictured here who also helped with a lot of the styling.” - Alexis Rose

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